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Alpha Omicron Pi's

Core Values


Commitment to

Alpha Omicron Pi was founded on a promise to serve not only one another but the greater community as well. This commitment reflects a philosophy of friendship, concern, and usefulness in the world.


Commitment to

Whether a member chooses to serve as a chapter officer, or represent AOII as a member of other campus or community organizations, there are numerous opportunities to develop leadership skills as a member of AOII.


Commitment to

AOII encourages all members to excel academically and has many programs designed to assist women in achieving their academic goals. Expectations are high but the support provided by scholarship programs, academic development officer resources, and fellow members makes success attainable.


Commitment to
College Loyalty

From collegiate years on through alumnae involvement, the reason AOIIs continue service is the joy of spending time together and sharing the insights learned from the relationships we build and sustain.

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Letter from the President

It has been my pleasure serving as the Washington State University Alpha Omicron Pi Collegiate Chapter President the last 7 months. I have taken time this summer to reflect on not only the first half of my presidency but on the first 3 years of my AOII experience.

I did not have the fairy tale recruitment that you frequently hear about, I didn’t know AOII was my home right away and I didn’t find that big sister on bid day. The women of AOII pursued me when I was just learning about myself and they offered me a bid into their home. 3 years ago I had no idea what opportunities, personal growth and friendships were about to flourish. As I struggled to adjust to college life and questioned my membership in Alpha Omicron Pi, the women of this chapter remained consistent in their commitment to sisterhood, friendship, character, scholarship, and dignity. I finally did find that big sister I had been searching for since I joined. She mentored me through my freshman year and encouraged me to keep an open heart- the best advice I could pass on to any potential new member coming through recruitment.

As I entered my sophomore year and moved into the chapter facility I was engulfed with positive, confident and radiant women who pushed me to be my very best self. They helped me pass chemistry 101, hit a softball for the first time on our intramural team and encouraged me to run for my first leadership position. I was so excited to have my first true girlfriends! Fast-forward to today, I couldn’t imagine planning our next trip together or even going on a coffee run before lecture without stopping to pick them up.

Through Alpha Omicron Pi, I have found true friendships I know will withstand far beyond our college years. I have been given leadership opportunities within our PanHellenic community and across the country with AOII. I have learned to serve others and to remain loyal to our college community.

This is my story of finding my home in Alpha Omicron Pi. Everyone who has come before us, and those who are to come will have a different recruitment story to tell.

Just as our founders Jessie, Helen, Stella and Elizabeth inspired ambition 120 years ago, so will you no matter what sorority you end up calling home.

We wish you the best of luck going through recruitment & cant wait to meet you!

Always remember “Go Cougs! Go Greek!"

Kelsey Jaquish